Lethal Lashes UK

The One And Only Black Gold Adhesive ​

• No Temperature or Humidity Point Necessary   

 • Sets: Immediately .05-1 Seconds (can be adjusted)

 •Glue drop stays fresh for 1 hour in a glue ring

​•Fumes: None to Low 

• 8 Week Retention / Hold

The new wave of adhesives Black Gold the one the only

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Welcome to Love Life Lash, the UK's only official distributor for Lethal Lashes Black Gold Adhesive.

As a eyelash technician myself I have spent years and £££'s trying to find the perfect adhesive. Temperature, humidity and room conditions affecting my work on a daily basis , often resulting in poor retention. Until I discovered Lethal Lashes Black Gold adhesive - 1st Adhesive not affected by Humidity

Eventually, all other adhesives will be obsolete!
Because Lethal Lashes created the only adhesive that exists where you do not need a humidifier or specific temperature.