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Love Life Lash

Black Gold Adhesive 10g

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Revolutionary Lash Adhesives:

Our Black Gold Adhesive redefines lash extension application, offering versatility in any environment without needing specific humidity or temperature control.


Ideal for Classic, Russian Volume, and Mega Volume Lashes, these adhesives boast an impressive 8-week retention span, quick drying time, low fumes, and a flexible hold.



•No Specific Humidity or Temperature Needed

• Stays Fresh for 1 Hour in GlueRing Before Needing Replacing

• 8 Week Holding / Retention Power (full lashes at 3 weeks)

•.05-2 Second Dry Time (beginners to professional use)

• Fumes - Low to None

• Flexible Hold

• Formaldehyde Free

• Works In All Seasonal Environments


Best Practices for Black Gold Adhesive:

Utilize professional lash shampoo for each client, we do not recommend concentrates or lash baths, follow with our primer, and finish the session Mega Bonder / nano mister scents for enhanced adhesion and retention. 


Final Reminders:

Our adhesives excel in various environments, reducing the need for strict humidity or temperature controls. However, proper storage and handling remain crucial for maintaining adhesive quality.


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions



Q: How should I store the adhesive?

A: Store the adhesive at room temperature and avoid excessive shaking (no more than 10-15 seconds).


Shelf Life:

Q: How long is the adhesive shelf life?

A: Once opened, it remains usable for 2-3 months. Check the consistency; if it becomes thick or stringy, it's time for a replacement. Unopened, it stays fresh for up to a year.



Q: What should the consistency be like?

A: The adhesive should have a thin, watery consistency for optimal use. If it is thick or sticky or gooey it has become compromised send us an email to troubleshoot


Dry Time:

Q: How long does it take to dry?

A: Drying time ranges between 0.05 to 1-2 seconds for application.



Q: Does the adhesive produce fumes?

A: Our adhesive is categorized as having low to no fumes, ensuring a comfortable application experience.



Q: What's the best technique for applying the adhesive?

A: Flip the bottle upside down, apply a drop on a glue ring, dip the lash slowly, ensuring no bubbles or excessive adhesive on the lash, and then place it carefully.


Lashes Slipping Off:

Q: How can I prevent lashes from slipping off?

A: Ensure client shampoos 2 times with lash shampoo, not concentrates,  avoid lash bathing if this happens send the client to shampoo in the bathroom instead x2 avoid mascara 2 days before lash extensions.


Temperature and Humidity:

Q: Do I need to control humidity or temperature?

A: Our adhesive functions well in various environments without humidity or temperature control, except for exposure to direct extreme heat.